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Robert Siciliano Special Online Event - June 11th at 1 pm EST

Data and identity theft prevention:

Protection from Spyware, Malware, Ransomware, and Keyloggers Special Online Event

I’m Robert Siciliano - I’m an experienced Cyber Security Awareness expert and want to invite you to my Special Online Event on how to protect your business, your remote workspace, your family and yourself from hacks, fraud and identity theft.

CNN states: "Scams attempting to fleece vulnerable Americans out of money are already thriving as the pandemic consumes the country -- and it's only the beginning of what may be years of prank phone calls and millions of dollars in swindles, according to several state attorneys general and officials from the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice."

My Special Online Event will teach you how to shop online safely!

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Robert Siciliano Special Online Event Freebie - E-book about Security Protection and Fraud Prevention

Scams, fraud, and identity theft are at an all-time high.

Law enforcement at every level of government is playing whack-a-mole as scammers have tried to make money off of nearly every aspect of the pandemic.

Hack attacks against corporations have more than doubled in the last month. Threat activity targeting financial institutions, including phishing attacks and malware, rose 48% in 2019.

Google blocks 18 million COVID-19 related scam emails every day. Cybercrime is on its way to being the world's third-largest economy by 2021

See Security Awareness Expert Robert Siciliano CSP, CITRMS, CSI learn how to defend your privacy, identity and data from fraud and predators.

Review the best security tips

Review the best tips to avoid fraud and how to share with your friends family and clients

Automated monitoring tools - ID & credit protection

Get the scoop on automated tools to monitor and protect your identity and credit

Learn how to protect yourself and business

Learn how to make yourself and business the toughest target possible to thieves.

Secure Yourself and Your client

Recognize "Security" as a benefit and relationship builder for you and your clients

Become a PRO in Protection with a proactive mindset!

Become a pro on the issue and maintain a proactive mindset!

Thank you so much. Loved your presentation. Could have listened for hours. Hope to do some training for my association from what I learned from you.

Carol Wight

Associate Broker
Keller Williams Realty SWM

I absolutely enjoyed your Cyber Security Training last week. It was so informative, especially the way you presented it to us. We need to be aware of and protected from these criminals in this crazy world.

Donna Weinberg

Project Coordinator for Volunteers
Marshfield Council on Aging

Great session. More people need to know about the topic. Not only for the carpet one business but for their own benefit.

Bill Gauthier

Director of Consulting and Training
CCA Global Partners


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